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Welcome, dear english speaking visitors to www.z750twin.de

This is the english language page to better inform you about our Twin activities in "Good Old Germany".
I have to apologise for my lack of english grammar and vocabulary :-)

As I have only limited time available, this english page will not be as complete as the german language one.
Please visit these german pages for further information.
Google Chrome or www.translito.com will help to translate ;-)

*** More great information regarding translation at the bottom of this page ***

These Kawasaki models - Z750B,  Z750G, CSR750, Z750 LTD Twin and  Z750 LTD Twin Belt Drive - are in our focus.
Click to see a listing af these models (Twinmodelle)
Great bikes with their own stories, technical and emotional ones :-)

This website has two major parts:
One is the "public" area with a red background (as you can see it here) and the forum (login required) with a white background.

Navigation within the "public / red" website is organized as an "upside down"  tree.
You can dig into details of a topic and jump one step up to the top by clicking "Nach oben" or jump back to "Home".
At any time you will find the button "Home" on the top left side of every page or as a link at the very bottom of each page.

Feel free to enter your introduction (topic: "Du und dein Bike"), comments and questions in english language at the well used FORUM.
The forum is announced in big letters on the "Home" page ;-)

To start your forum experience, you need to choose a username and a password to edit text in the forum.
Without log in, you will be able to "read only" all entries.
Viewing of attached pictures and documents is not possible without login !

After logging in you may select english / american language at the drop down menu in the very bottom, right hand side of the Forum page.
*** Please see hint at the bottom of this page ***

To return from the forum to the public pages you will always find a link in the forum at the very bottom, left hand side that says "Z750Twin IG".
Click that and you will be back at the "red" Home page.

You may like to visit these highlights with a lot of photographs:
for latest news and information about the Z750Twin community and about this webpage,
"Twin Treffen"
 for information about Z750Twin meetings (typical 1x per year at changing places all over Germany),
 "Portaits" for the latest pictures and stories about all Z750Twins and have a look at all the

"Fotostories"  to see pictures of
repairing the starter one-way clutch (Anlasserfreilauf),
changing cylinder head gasket (Zylinderkopfdichtung),
reassambling the BS34 (LTD/CSR) carburators (Vergaser)
and repairing the gear box (Getriebe)

If you have a slow internet connection (e.g. 125 kByte/s = 1 Mbit/s) and not all the pictures are shown at first loading,
click the "Refresh" button of your browser.
Maybe you have to repeat that step until all pictures are loaded.

Kawasaki (K)Z750Twin Meeting is organised for 2014 !
It will be the 2. International Kawasaki Z750Twin Meeting !
1. International Z750Twin meeting was held in the year 2006.

Have a look at http://www.z750twin.de/treffen_2014.htm

Using Google Chrome as a web browser it will offer the option to translate from german to any other language !

You're invited !

Official Z 750 Twin Community Logo

We, as the Z750Twin Community, have an own logo!

Many thanX to the Designer Arnd Ginkel from Oberursel (his copyright!)
You may use this logo printed or online, but there must be a link to the www.z750twin.de website !

You may order batches for 7 Euros and stickers for 3 Euros each
plus packaging and freight costs (pp normal rates)

via E-mail: arnd@ginkel-grafikdesign.de
Link not active, please copy into your e-mail program.
mobile: +49-177-4228854
office: +49-6171-503059

Please contact Arnd for details and pay the money upfront :-)

Visit Peter's  www.twinbikes.com (currently not working?)
visit Holger's www.hb-custom.de  and
the Wrenchmonkees from Denmark  as well.
Great Twinbikes and great websites.

You may visit the english Z750Twin forum at http://lonesometwin.com/

The international Kawasaki Twin Owners Group and their forum
can be accessed at http://kz400.createforumhosting.com/

ThanX for visiting this english language webpage.
Have fun and all the best !

*** Here is a comment from Kaptainkwak from the UK on how to translate the german website. ***

"However I have found a great way for us English folks to view your website.

If we enter your site German Z750 Site using Google Chrome it gives the option to translate the page from German to English.
There is a drop down menu on the right hand side that lets us select 'Always translate German to English.
This automatically does the translation every time we change page.

It does not change everything, only actual text. Anything written in a jpeg or similar is not recognised.
For best results when using the "Forum" (login required, white background) it is advisable
to NOT change the language setting in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. If it sees part English it assumes the page is already translated.

So come on boys there's no excuse. Now we can all join the German site and share in their knowledge!"

ThanX for that! Cheers, Michael

Contact the Z750Twin-Community and the Webmaster of the www.z750twin.de

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Postadress  Street Brugger 3a
  ZIP code 86495
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  Country Germany
  Phone +49-8208-9578833
  E-Mail michael.6666@gmx.de



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